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In a crumbling ancient castle on the jagged rocks of an isolated English island, evil vampiress Countess Morticia de'Ath (Pamela Kempthorne) languishes in her coffin, concocting a sinister and monstrously hilarious plan.

Blundering in and ruining it all are two bickering London office workers and a mysterious enigmatic vampire-hunting window cleaner. This unlikely trio must desperately fight to evade capture, keep their clothes on and stay alive long enough to stop Morticia's terrifyingly evil Vampire Army.

Filled to its rotting rafters with atmospherically creepy locations, comically captivating characters and witty, very quotable dialogue, The Vampires of Bloody Island is a hugely entertaining and highly irreverent send-up of every vampire film you've ever loved

An incredible cult hit, The Vampires of Bloody Island has been applauded by the press and called "a real cult classic" and "an absolute must-have for your DVD collection."

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